There was once a wonderful August day in 2018 when these two boys met in Budapest in front of the Parliament – and they realized their dream.

Hola, here is Tomi and Bálint. After the big meeting and first dinner, we immediately felt like we were going to be a happy couple. Weeks have passed, then we have moved in and we have been living happily ever since 🙂

Tomi was a nurse in Hungary, a professional shiatsu masseuse and reiki master; Bálint is an HR employee, his hobby is travel and he has lived in Spain before, but then in the peninsula, Manresa, Catalunya. This happened in 2013, and since he went back to Hungary, he feels that something is missing from his life.

We moved to the island in October 2019, and since then we have learned a little more about Tenerife every day. Actually, this island wasn’t the original destination either: we had a ticket to Barcelona for October 15th but we re-planned 5 days before departure and ended up landing in Tenerife. We had never been to the Canary Islands before and like our first date, it was love at first sight!

Without any egoism, we can say that we know the island better than those who have lived here for several years. When we only had half a day free, we set out to explore Tenerife. And why not pass this knowledge on to you?

We develop ourselves every day to be the best and most authentic LGBT + vacation experts on the island. Moreover, to know what makes us the best, we also did a fairly extensive research during the covid quarantine: we asked almost 100 people what made us the best ?!

So far, we have gained a huge experience as a traveler, whether it is traveling in Europe or outside the continent. Now it is our job to use this knowledge to make your Canarian holiday more beautiful!

See you in Tenerife!/?        When do we meet in Tenerife?

kövess minket mindenhol!